There are many reasons to embark on an exterior renovation journey. A home’s exterior is the last thing to bid you farewell when you leave and the first glimpse of home when you return. A renovated home exterior, when done right, helps reflect the style of its owners and is more pleasant aesthetically. Exterior renovation can pertain to pool renovation, decks, stone/marble exterior walls, gutters, repainting, flooring, driveway renewal, landscaping, light fixtures, roofing and much more. Just like people, each house has its own personality and just like people, first impressions matter. An exterior renovation can go a long way in a home’s general appearance and as a general rule, leads to a rise in its market value.

Exterior  Flooring And Driveway Renewal

A home’s walkway and driveway are a big part of a home’s facade and new tile or marble flooring can make a huge difference in a home’s appearance. While the perceived expense might seem high to some homeowners, new materials and techniques can cut these costs considerably. A home’s rise in value as a result of new flooring is rated one of the highest and in many cases exceeds the amount invested by a considerable amount.

Exterior  Walls Repainting And  Resurfacing

Another aspect of home renovation that is often mistakenly overlooked is the exterior walls. When it comes to exterior walls design, the most subtle design elements are the ones that make the biggest difference. Elements like new paint, stucco, wood siding, stone, marble, or a combination of them can turn any home into a work of art. A balanced use of natural stone and marble will give your home a luxurious and classy look, while helping in protecting and maintaining the exterior walls.

Pools And Decks

It’s easy to understand why having a good deck and pool are so important in Florida. Living in the sunshine state means that some days, more time is spent on the deck than inside the house. Redecking and renovating you pool area could be one of the most fun and exciting parts of an exterior renovation, as this is the one area that is purley recreational. The possibilities are limitless as you look at pool resurfacing, Jacuzzi installation, deck renovation, lighting additions, screens, brick BBQ’s, ballgame areas, vegetation, and more.

Outdoor Lighting

A home is only as beautiful at night as the lights that shine on it. While it is easy to see lighting as an afterthought, the correct choice, placement and positioning of light fixtures should be done with care and attention to details. If done right, the installation of outdoor lights will make a house as beautiful at night as it is during the day, thus helping in putting the finishing design touches on the project. Exterior lighting also plays an important roll in safety and crime prevention.

Roofing And Gutters

The roof and gutters of Florida homes deserve extra love and care. Not only do they shield the occupants from sun, rain and wind, they also have to withstand the occasional hurricane. An increasing number of roofs is also being fitted with efficient, electricity producing solar panels. This does not mean that the roof and gutters cannot be beautiful and be used as design elements. The variety of roof designs, panels, tiles, shingles and gutters is larger today than ever before. This makes it easy to make the roofing system fit with the overall design of the house and contribute to its appearance.